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Etsy: Opening an Online Store!

Opening an online store

Our new store can be found at: voxeldesignStore on Etsy!

Designing is fun

And that's why we love to do it. It's fun, designing is fun. Designing and then manufacturing something is even more fun. What makes it the best however, is designing something that meet's a need, a requirement, making it and then having people enjoy, use or want it. That's more than fun, it's amazing.

Coaster Design

Therefore, to share some of the quirky items we design and print, we've opened a small and humble Etsy store. This is not going to be anything we really make a lot from, this is for fun. This is to share what we are doing here in the hop that someone can enjoy it, and hey, if it covers some materials cost, great!

Etsy's the place

We chose Etsy because of the type of products sold there. They're not mass produced, they're personal, they're quirky and unique, they're enjoyable and relevant. These are all the things we see value in, if they're gifts for a partner, or friend, if they open it and say '...where the hell did you even get this?' That's what we want to do with our Etsy store. Peronsal and unique.

What's the plans?

That's an easy one. Keep going, make stuff, enjoy it, and share it with everyone. I have some collections planned starting with some of the designs we've already made and printed, and moving in to some new designs and collections. Things like Automotive and Motorsports, Games, TV and Film, Pop Culture and relevant designs. Not only things that we enjoy, but also custom items such as items unique to a company or group.




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