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Etsy: MG Coaster Set

MG Coaster Set Collection now available on Etsy!

Owning a few MGs over the years, it seemed fitting to make a set of these to keep in the garage, after all, that's where MG's spend most of their time!

What we wanted from this set was a story of the brands history. It's been far from straight forward and plain sailing. We took the old MGB logos from the roadster days, added some of the Z range logos, and incorporated in some of the SAIC era logos to make a set. This really is a set of coasters for any MG fan, old or new.

Starting with the Z range logo, commonly found on the Rover era cars such as the MG ZR, ZS and ZT, we wanted this to be the heart of the range with strong, rich colours and filament. The LE500 logo was a logical next step, as the subtle colours will match any surrounding and fit right in. Then we thought, we need to show where they came from and where they have went, that's where the black and grey MGB style logo, and red and grey SAIC style logo came in.

We hope you like these coasters, they're our favorite range so far! Suitable for any car lovers house, man cave, garage, workshop or even in the office to show off that MG pride.

All products can be found at our Etsy store, either from the Shop section on our website, or Direct via Etsy.


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