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The virtual design can be made in 3D or 2D as an engineering drawing depending on your needs

Once the design is finalised, we can deliver the CAD files to you, or we can create the prototype for you.


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voxel design's design services aim to empower you through realising your ideas, through a prototyping and preliminary design phase, ready for prototyping, to a final and critical design phase, ready for production.

If you have an idea and want assistance with 3D or 2D design, we can work alongside you to help make that idea a reality. Using only state of the art design software, we can create any part design no matter how complex.

Additional requirements such as loading simulations, heat or flow can be performed to optimise a design. We also aim to optimise a design for cost and manufacture, reducing expensive design mistakes commonly seen in industry by using our engineering design experience. This means you can tailor your requirements for an optimal part in terms of performance, or cost, or a tradeoff between the two!

Designs are always custom, and always protected by our NDA. Conversations, files and designs are confidential and nothing will be disclosed on our platforms without consent.

Get in touch today if you think we can be of service to you, to get you and your new idea where it needs to be.


3D Models and 2D Drawings available



voxel design's designs can be viewed on our dedicated designs page, Instagram or our Facebook page. We post these regularly, when we have permission and also when it is our own work. Check out the snippet below of designs that we have worked on recently.


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