When modifying or creating custom low volume products, makers often need enclosures for electronics, to shield them from dirt, damage, or even water.

Readily available enclosures can be purchased with specific IP ratings, but for when space and form factor are a priority, a custom case is top of the list.

This Case study brings us through the gap 3D printing can fill for prototyping products with electronics. A growing industry with smart tech becoming so accessible and part of everyday life.


If you have an old car, or product that is a bit of a niche, you'll understand this. NLA, or No Longer Available items are common when manufacturers stop producing a part, or replacement parts.


The classic car industry is amazing for bringing products and replacements back to life. This is an area we have found particularly high added value for 3D printing. Prototyping, re-engineering and producing these parts can lead to either small batch runs, or even procurement of new tools to mold the parts.

Check out our case study on NLA Kosei Wheel Centres. A Japanese classic.

NLA Products

3D Printing is an excellent gateway for anyone with an interest in Engineering and Making.

We have utilised printing in several educational formats to date, building educational models, teaching CAD and using 3D printing to realise the designs and also creating historic replicas for display.

Check out the gearbox we made for a classroom to aid in teaching torque calculations in Physics, and showing what the real life implementation of that looks like.

Educational Models

We have had the pleasure of working with some inspiring artists. Many of these designs we have worked with are experimental or geometric explorations.

Shown here is how 3D printing can help in bringing these experimental designs to life, that other traditional manufacturing methods may not be able to due to complexity, or due to cost implications.

These designs come from students, professionals and hobbyists alike.

Home Decor


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